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Oikos is a group of students who believe sustainability and business management/economics belong together as essential elements for a better tomorrow. oikos St Andrews is the 48th chapter of the umbrella organization oikos International, a global nonprofit that seeks to promote sustainability in economics and management of higher education. Through a range of on-campus projects, oikos aims to encourage students to embrace sustainability as a guiding principle in their education and in their lives.

As part of our unique chapter strategy, in every project undertaken, oikos St Andrews has aimed to enhance the ‘entrepreneurial spirit of our students and our town, finding ways to draw attention and awareness to responsible, ethical, and sustainable ways of living, acting, and conducting business.

oikos x JUNO • CLAIRE

With our values in mind, we are thrilled to be partnering with JUNOCLAIRE as a way to uplift and champion a local female student entrepreneur. With JUNOCLAIRE’s mission to make students feel like the best versions of themselves, we feel there is no better way to join forces than by releasing a limited collection designed specifically to bring together earthly, global, and botanical elements inspired by oikos with JUNOCLAIRE’s effortlessly trendy design and style. 

Even better, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to funding sustainable initiatives in and around St. Andrews, helping the town to embrace sustainability from the ground up, and ensuring it is an all-around hospitable, thriving environment for students and locals alike today and in years to come.

Check out the original oikos x JUNOCLAIRE collection and find out more about oikos here: 

oikos International 

oikos St Andrews 

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