Nightline is an anonymous, confidential, empathetic and non-judgemental listening and information service run by and for students. This means that students pursuing a full time degree will once, every two weeks, go on shift to support student well-being.

We’re open every night, currently from 8pm-12am. Student volunteers answer calls from distressed student volunteers, providing them with a safe space to feel heard. We handle calls from a myriad of topics, ranging from friend and relationship troubles, eating disorders, anxiety and suicide to calls asking for information like taxi and doctors numbers.

It would mean the absolute world to us if you bought some jewellery from this wonderful collection. This would give us the ability to transform our exam packs (1000 goodie bags we distribute for well-being during exam season), allowing us to include things like snacks and fidget toys.It also means you help us generate an awareness of our service, so that students know that if they ever feel lonely, or feel like the world is too much, there’s someone out there to listen. 

It has been an absolute joy working with Claire, who created these gorgeous designs for us for our Nightline Awareness Week (themed belonging). The moon and the stars have always played a central theme in our logo and social media posts. Primarily, because we operate at night, but secondly (in a more poetic sense) because stars are always there to remind us of how large the universe is, and that we are never truly alone. Just like every star, we’re allowed to hold space, and belong amongst others.

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